Tarrywile Park


Established in 1989 by an ordinance of the Common Council of the City of Danbury, the Tarrywile Park Authority is a nine member volunteer Board charged to administer, operate and maintain Tarrywile Park & Mansion.

July 1994 marked the official opening of the Tarrywile Park hiking trail system. At that time, the system included over 5.5 miles of trails, which were marked in the summer of 1995 in accordance with National Trail standards. By the summer of 2004, twenty-one miles of trails had been marked and a new trail map was distributed. An Eagle Scout established a nature trail walking tour around Parks Pond and The Western Connecticut Orienteering Club completed an orienteering map of the park. The club has also established a permanent course similar to one at Macedonia State Park in Kent. Orienteering meets take place in the park several times a year and have added yet another dimension to the park activities for public use. Both Immaculate and Danbury High Schools presently maintain their cross-country home course on the property. In June 2006 a pre-opening was held for the Ives Trail. This 17+ mile trail winds its way from Bethel's Terre Haute property through Tarrywile Park and on to Pine Mountain and Bennett's Pond in Ridgefield. Once officially opened, the Trail will allow hikers to traverse varied terrain and its many vistas along the way.

The future of Tarrywile Park is bright. The Common Council approved the Park Master Plan of Development in April 2004. Many community groups have come forward to help establish community activities and to maintain the park and support its passive recreation theme. At the present time, the New England Mountain Bike Association and the CT Horse Patrol are working in cooperation with the Authority to patrol the Park in an effort to educate Park users as well as help with general trail maintenance. And the Authority has worked to re-establish the “Friends” organization to help with fundraising and programming.


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