Saugatuck Falls Natural Area


Probably no scenic spot in Redding is so widely known as Falls Hole, the huge woodland pool in the Saugatuck River with the overhanging cliff on one side and hemlock woods on the other. This is the heart of the Saugatuck Falls area. Generations of young people once came from miles around to plunge into its cool depths, sun themselves on the high rock, and wander in the surrounding woods. Swimming, however, is not permitted in the great pool, which drains into Bridgeport's water supply.

The Saugatuck Falls area was the Town's second, and remains the largest, purchase of open space. In March of 1968, with the aid of federal and state funds, the Town bought the property, which otherwise would have been sold for development, at a net cost to Redding taxpayers of $82,037, or $263 an acre. The vote to buy the property with or without government aid had been virtually unanimous at a Town meeting the previous October.


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