Sarah Bishop


Sarah Bishop's elevated trail and bridge provide a good wetlands platform for viewing amphibians and reptiles basking in spring and summer sun. Part of this trail follows a deserted railroad bed which was to be used as a rail line that would run from Golden's Bridge to Danbury. The tracks were removed during World War I, so steel could be used for the war effort, and the railroad plan was abandoned. The elevated walkway through the wetlands and the ridge trail both continue past Town open space onto private land. Please be careful to follow the marked trail. Acquired through the Chestnut Hill subdivision.

Sarah Bishop came to Ridgefield during the last few years of the Revolutionary War after the British had burned down her father's home on Long Island. She chose to live sparsely as a hermit in a natural cave on west mountain, occasionally visiting neighbors and attending church services. She usually dressed in rags and lived on vegetables, fruits, and nuts from her garden and surrounding area. One evening in 1810, on the way back to her cave, Sarah fell and perished from the cold.


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