The Jones Trail / The Brewster Farm


The Brewster Farm, also known as The Hickories Farm, is one of two remaining farms in Ridgefield. It is best viewed from the northern section of Lounsbury Lane, an unpaved public way between stone walls and bisecting the farm. It has been producing food for Ridgefielders for over 200 years. All farm fields have been converted from conventional to organic farming.

The main trail starts on the south side of Lounsbury Road about 450 feet east of Banks Hill Place, and follows an old farm road for a short distance. The trail soon turns to the southwest and parallels a stream and wetland. Where the trail emerges on a paved road (the southern section of Lounsbury Lane), turn left to the end of the cul-de-sac and start up the steep wood road (the southern end of the unpaved portion of Lounsbury Lane). Look to the right for the continuation of the Brewster Farm Trail eastward into the woods. The trail parallels wetlands to the north and to the south, a stonewall beyond which houses may be seen. Crossing wetlands and a stream, the trail bears northward, up the hill and along a ridge. Near the eastern boundary of The Brewster Farm, the trail loops around and offers a view of open pastures. Doubling back along the trail, you will emerge again on Lounsbury Lane. Turn right and continue northward along the lane until you emerge on Lounsbury Road, close to the Brewster house, dating from 1839 and once the home of two Governors of Connecticut

The Brewster Farm is private property owned by Carroll W Brewster. In 1996, The Town of Ridgefield purchased development rights to the property which means that it must forever be preserved free of housing. With this purchase came an easement permitting the Conservation Commission to create and maintain a system of hiking trails available to the public.


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