Florida Refuge


Florida Refuge trails cross wetlands via bridges and walkways. Platforms offer good viewing for abundant amphibians found here. Wildflowers in the area include march marigold, hepaticae, and Dutchman's-breeches. The many large boulders, some with impressive overhangs, make good picnic spots. the hillside trail offers overlooks of the terrain below and across Route 7 to Redding when there are no leaves.

The 34-acre, western section was acquired by the Commission with State and Federal aid from Helen Woodbury Boulton in 1969.

The 26-acre, eastern section was acquired by the Commission with the Help of The Nature Conservancy from Henery and Rosemary Hayes in 1974. the nature Conservancy was repaid with money from the Open Space Conservation Fund and with State and Federal aid. Additional land was acquired through several subdivisions.

The photes to the right are of the eastern section.


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