Field Farmstead Preserve


Field Farmstead was our first preserve to be acquired. The twenty-one acre preserve is the site of one of Putnam County?s first farms. It was donated by Helen Field Gatling in 1971 and had belonged to her family since the early 1700?s when her ancestors settled in Southeast. Field Farmstead contains an area of old successional field and mature woodland, whaleback ridges and a natural amphitheater, and a small wetland area.

The preserve is dominated by White and Black Oaks but includes other mature hardwoods such as Beech, Red Oak, Black Birch and Sugar Maple. Shrubs include Witch Hazel. Partridgeberry, Pipsissiwa, Christmas Fern and Lycopodium provide the ground cover.

Two great whale-back outcroppings formed millions of years ago by the earth?s cooling crust being thrust upward are found here. Erosion has collapsed the domes forming a natural amphitheater. A section of the preserve was once a pasture/meadow. It is becoming successional with shrubs beginning to fill in. Plans are to maintain a part of it as a wildflower meadow.


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