Drewsclift Cemetery


The dates on the headstones at Drewsclift range from the late 1700ís to as late as 1961. The family names include Adams, Bailey, Clift, Drew, Mead and many others. The most notable historical figure to be buried in Drewsclift is Daniel Drew. Mr. Drew was a businessman in the 1800's whose pursuits included cattle, stock brokerage (and stock manipulation), steamships and railways. He declared bankruptcy a few years before his death, but at one point owned almost 1000 acres in Putnam County. He was very involved with the Methodist Church, and founded the Drew Seminary.

A few hundred feet before the 684 overpass, there will be a brown and gold historic marker on your right, with a paved pull-off area that has enough room for about 6 cars. Walk through the stone pillars and head down the dirt road. Route 684 will be on your left. There are a number of large trees that line the dirt road, but unfortunately many of them seem pretty unhealthy.


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